AIS Receivers

AIS Receivers just receive AIS transmissions from other vessels and display them. Early equipment for small craft was receive only and then Class B came into the market and is now favoured. Having receive only means you will be able to see what other vessels are doing but they can’t see you.

AIS Class B

AIS (Automatic Identification System) Class B is increasingly becoming the most popular tool for navigation and safety on board pleasure crafts and smaller commercial vessels. The CTRX Graphene units are the very latest AIS Class B transponders from True Heading. The CTRX Graphene units are available in two versions: one with a built-in VHF antenna splitter, the CTRX Graphene+, and one w/o a built-in VHF antenna splitter, the CTRX Graphene. Would you like to transfer your AIS (and GPS) data wireless to e.g. a tablet, phone or PC? No problem! Just add a WiFi module to your AIS unit, and you are good to go!

All models are developed and manufactured in Sweden and have to receive and transmitting capabilities. The CTRX Graphene units will send and receive ALL AIS information according to Recommendation ITU-R M.1371-4 for AIS Class A and AIS Class B.

The CTRX Graphene units will make it possible to SEE other ships, SART AIS, AtoN AIS, SAR Aircrafts and weather stations. BUT, also BE SEEN by all vessels within range equipped with AIS transponders (AIS Class A or AIS Class B). All CTRX Graphene units are very easy to install with the majority of the plotters and/or PC- navigation systems via either NMEA0183 and/or NMEA2000 and/or waterproof voltage protected USB.

AIS Graphene CTRX comparison.jpg

AIS Class A

Class A is intended for vessels where the fit is mandatory. Class A transmits more information, more frequently and at higher power than Class B. AIS information from a class A transponder will always be prioritised and, thus, be shown to other ships in the area, whereas AIS information from a class B transponder will not be shown until or if there is room on the AIS channel.

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