Inflate & use, deflate and pack!

Inflatable, professional AIR ANTENNA for different frequencies. Robust, strong, waterproof and windproof material. Indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight, only 400 grams. Easy to hang from a tree, a pole, fix it to a fence etc. Used by emergency services.

Front, back, pouch3.jpg
  • Omni Directional

  • Vertical Polarisation

  • Impedance 50 Ohms

  • Power Rating 75 Watts

  • Length 1.65m

  • Mechanical elements; 2 x 5m micro fibre wiring looms, with the “Fusion Air Antenna System”

  • Mounting; Loop, eyelets & grommets at top, velcro for extra fixing & stability


AIR HF Antenna 20M Band. VSWR <1-6. Cable 5m RG58. ANTAIR14.2


AIR Aviation Band TX & RX, or RX only. ANTAIR118


AIR HAM 2M Band. VSWR <1.4:1. Gain 3dB. Cable 6m RG174. ANTAIR144


AIR Marine VHF. VSWR <1.4:1. Gain 3dB. Cable 6m RG174. ANTAIR156


AIR Military Band NATO 1. ANTAIR220


AIR Military Band. ANTAIR200. To be confirmed.