Maximal performance for a better range and less interference.



Deurloo, Honte and Raan, all vessels built by Baltic Workboats, located at Estonia.



Baltic Workboats is a vastly experienced patrol- and work-boat manufacturer and designer. They deliver a perfect balance of the highest possible quality and lowest operating costs for their customers every time.

In order to reduce communication system maintenance costs while under warranty, and bring down out of warranty operating costs, Baltic Workboats uses proISO™ galvanic isolators on every aluminum vessel they build. This maximizes performance for a better range and less interference, and prevents hostile DC ground leaks to the aluminum hull. With the antennas properly grounded the system is more EMC tolerant and also lightning protected.



Baltic Workboats AS was contracted to build three innovative wave piercing pilot vessels for their Belgium customer. The vessels comply with regulations for GMDSS area A1.

This first of class vessel was likely to attract publicity so it was especially important to maximize its performance in every respect. The vessel’s streamlined appearance also above the waterline was considered significant but not prioritized over the performance. This resulted in a lower and smaller mast structure on the already very compact topside.

Baltic Workboats has long-run experience in employing professional proFIL™ antenna combiners to overcome interference issues for small vessels in demanding use. So bringing proFIL™ technology to this Pilot Boat project was the obvious choice. The primary goal was to reduce the number of antennas without affecting performance, to maintain robust communications performance even in compact topside structures.


The whole project was declared a success with the communication system attracting particular praise. The yard has already received new orders for the design.

proFIL™ and proISO™ technologies provide an easy and cost effective route for pre-emptive maintenance. And their deployment significantly reduces the number of service calls made during the vessel’s life cycle. It’s just one of the reasons why Baltic Workboats relies on Promarine’s Interference-free communication solution.



Jani Järvinen at Promarine                       Kristo Klipperg at Baltic Workboats