In 2008 Marine Alutech selected Promarine as the communications system integrator with the main responsibility for the Finnish Border Guard's PV-08 boat project. 



Marine Alutech is a globally known manufacturer of fast aluminium patrol boats and the Northern European market leader in the field. Marine Alutech has delivered almost 500 vessels to naval and police forces, fire and rescue services in various countries, and as work boats for pilots and ports.

In 2008, Marine Alutech selected Promarine as the communications system integrator with main responsibility for the Finnish Border Guard’s PV-08 patrol boat project, with the purpose of designing and manufacturing more than 20 fast and versatile patrol boats.


The project made use of Promarine’s entire product and service portfolio. End users were interviewed to identify critical usage scenarios and key modes of operation, the positioning of antennae was electronically simulated utilising a 3D model of the vessel, new products were developed, and the end result was confirmed by making practical measurements together with the end customer upon delivery of the first vessel.

“The project had a challenging starting point due to the objectives set for the vessel: small size, low bridge clearance, good stability and communications systems up to the offshore patrol vessel level,” said Mikko Tuittu, former R&D Manager at Promarine.

“In terms of radio technology, the requirements set for the communications system would have necessitated a large mast structure with several antennae located far apart – the complete opposite of what was to be seen in practice.”


Small vessel size and increased communications requirements have often been a problem for boat designers and builders due to the complexity of the new systems and the poor coverage of radio signals. Promarine has developed its services in an effort to ease the workload of the dockyard and boat designer and to transfer responsibility to professionals in the field.

The problem has been highlighted due to the increased number of antennae. Jari Panu from Marine Alutech notes that Promarine’s expertise has allowed the number of antennae per boat to be reduced from 13 to five.

“And everything still works,” Panu says. Thanks to Promarine’s products, the equipment now works optimally. “As well as it ever can,” Panu emphasises.


The last vessel in the series, modified as a fast auxiliary boat for the new offshore patrol vessel, was handed over to the customer in spring 2014.

“The vessels have improved data communications connections, facilitating the independent work of the patrol. Thanks to the IT features, the boat systems have improved connectivity with maritime emergency management information systems, also boosting the leadership and other operations of Finnish boarder guarding and marine rescue operations,” says the head of the Coast Guard.


Jani Järvinen at Promarine