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proEMS™ services reduces workload and risk for both naval architechs and yards. It minimises costs and ensures optimum performance.


Antenna location, depending on antenna type, can have significant effect on communication performance. Nearby obstacles to antenna, specially metallic structures and other antennas influences antenna behavior by either amplifying or attenuating transmitted and received signals. The variation of the signal power can be over 90% in certain directions on antenna’s Radiation Pattern.

The shipboard electromagnetical environment is created by all the installed communications-, electronics-, electrical- and electromechanical equipment. It is conducted by metallic structures and cabling. It is radiated intentionally by the antennas and unintentionally by loose connections, broken devices and non-linear metallic junctions “rusty bolts”.

It is further on amplified and extended by adjacent antennas picking up the radiated signal and its harmonics, poor groundings and other ships and their equipment resulting Passive Intermodulation Products.

Passive intermodulation products are created at transmitter stages of radio equipment when spurious signals (unwanted RF signal) are mixed with original signal inside radio and multiplied. These intermodulation products can occur at outside the communication band or inside and exactly at receiver frequency. The latter one can cause severe problems like blocking GPS reception

Advantages for newbuildings and shipdesigns

  • It is important to ensure the electromagnetical compatibility of shipboard topside structures well before it is built and welded - in the design phase.
  • Full proEMS™ electromagnetic modeling survey is recommended when designing a series of vessels
  • Mission specific product variations improve overall performance and provide cost effective solutions
  • Vessel equipment optimization via proEMS™ services
  • Optimum performance / lower overall project cost

Advantages for existing fleets and ship operators

  • When problems arise the consequences might not be unavoided anymore
  • proEMS™ measurement- and troubleshooting services helps to overcome problems


Advantages for system integrators

  • Solves inherent communication system problems
  • Maintain customer satisfaction by delivering interference free products
  • Faster product installation – reduced wiring and no hole cutting