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Our high-performance and robust proTAC™ technology reduces design complexity of vessels topside structures by radically minimizing the antenna count. It also reduces intermodulation interference and cross-talk.

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Our proISO™ family of galvanical isolators consists of various radio and frequency specific galvanical isolators. They remove the need to use isolated switched mode power supplies and plastic antenna mount isolators. Thus pre-empting interference.

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GPS Signal splitters


proGPS™ family of products consists of GPS/GNSS signal splitters. They remove the need to install new GPS antenna for each new navigation equipment. This simplifies among others cabling and navigation system connections.

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The innovative proATT™ technology minimizes the losses in normal operating mode and ensures compliance in ATEX operating mode. Thus it maintains the overall performance of the communication system. proATT™ products are available for marine VHF and TETRA communication bands. Custom versions can be built on demand.

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High performance proFIL™ technology enables modern communications without compromising safety and performance. Its low loss and high isolation output ports improve the overall performance of the communication system in comparison to the traditional one antenna – one radio approach.

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