Covers all 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies worldwide, including also WLAN frequencies


ProTAC 5311's efficiency is over 90%, compared to the traditional antenna's best case scenario of 60-80% efficiency!

Traditional cellular antenna has very narrow bandwidth and it only covers either uplink or downlink frequency of operators network. This causes great non-symmetry to link and reduction in throughput (Mbps). Our innovative design makes it possible to extend antennas bandwidth to cover both uplink and downlink frequencies at the same time in all communication bands with the radiation performance over 90% compared to traditional antenna's best case of 60-80% efficiency. The only one in the world!


Advantages of using proTAC™ technology

proTAC™ 5311 maximizes the 4G/LTE network range and performance. They are easy to install, very robust and have accessories that enables drop in replacement installation to existing antenna locations.



Frequency range (typical) 800 MHz - 2.6 GHz
Frequency range (extended) 600 MHz - 6 GHz
Antenna gain Up to 5 dBi
Return Loss Less than 10 dB
Power handling 250 W
Connectors N-type Female
Antenna type Vertical monopole
Grounding DC-Grounded
Size Height: 120 mm
Width: 90 / 140 mm (radome / base)
Weight 600 g

proTAC 5311 Installation

proTAC 5311 antenna can be mounted on the mast or on the deck also.  Ground plane can affect to antennas performance but not significantly. Because of the ground plane nature, it can’t be isolated from the hull by using plastic sheet between mounting flange and hull. Instead use proISO™ series of galvanic isolators if necessary.

The mounting area should be electrically conductive material like aluminium, steel or carbon fiber in order to fully utilize lightning-and ESD- protection. While mounting, it should be ensured that good electrical contact between mounting flange and the hull is maintained. Especially if it is installed on carbon fiber deck or over thick paint, connection through mounting bolts should be ensured at minimum by separate grounding wire.

Corrosion aspects should also be considered in case of installation over steel structures. Special electrically conductive anti-corrosive paste should be used between hull and the mount.

The cable connector is shielded against water by using the supplied O-ring.