Promarine launches three new antennas in DSEI 2017

Promarine launches three new antennas in DSEI 2017


Promarine launches three new proTAC™ series antennas for tactical and marine communications. Robust proTAC™ series of antennas is designed for demanding use.


proTAC 5110 is FM/DAB antenna is designed to be operated in areas where traditional FM broadcast radio has parallel digital audio broadcast (DAB) network or FM broadcast is going to be ended. The antenna has inbuilt low noise amplifier to improve antenna’s operation in weak signal conditions. It’s compact design makes it ideal for patrol- and workboat use.


proTAC 5150 is a dualband VHF/UHF antenna that can be delivered in various VHF and UHF frequency combinations. The standard version is for marine VHF and TETRA bands. Other VHF bands can be AIS and UHF bands 400-420MHz, 450-470MHz or other customer specific bands.

proTAC 5220 is wideband UHF antenna specially designed for NATO 1 band data communication radios. They work perfectly in novel MIMO radio applications. It’s unique radiator design gives it superior performance over the other antennas.

The new antennas will be available during October 2017 and have already been tested by our pilot customers. Detailed technical information will soon be published on our website.

The Promarine solution for interference-free communication is presented at DSEI 2017 at stand N8-397. Welcome to our stand N8-397 at DSEI 2017 and see also other products.


The DSEI  exhibition takes place in London Excel from Tuesday the 12th to Friday the 15th of september 2017.



About Promarine

Founded in 2005, Promarine Ltd has developed solutions to improve the reliability of navigation and communication systems for different types of marine vessels, such as work- pilot-, patrol and SAR boats. With continuous investment in new product development we strive to solve our customers’ problems in this field. Promarine’s high-quality services and products are designed to overcome problems caused by interference and to prevent it occurring in critical maritime environments. We offer proven solutions trusted by a wide range of naval authorities and marine professionals around Europe.